• Virgin Miraculous Mary Sacred Heart Chrysocolla Red Coral Large 10mm Heirloom Ornate Bronze Antique Style Rosary for protection healing


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    One of the Kind Blessed Virgin Mary, Miraculous Mary, Sacred Heart of Jesus Large Ornate Bronze Rosary with Chrysocolla, Turquoise and Red Coral for protection, stress, harmony, joy, optimism, happiness, balance, prosperity.

    This is a Large parts heavy rosary. 

    - Large Chrysocolla 10 mm beads 
    -Large Turquoise/Red Coral inlay Tribal Focal 1 1/4" Our Father beads. 
    - Solid Bronze handcasted from antique replicas Large filigree Blessed Virgin Mary 1 3/8" Center, Large 2 1/4" Filigree Crucifix, Large 1 1/4" Miraculous Mary surrounded by flowers medal, and Sacred Heart of Jesus medal.
    - Bali bead caps .

    Chrysocolla- Stone of protection, tranquility, Serenity, and Peace. Calms body and mind. Helps with anxiety and depression. Brings joy. Lowers blood pressure. 

    Turquoise - Protection from injuries, falls,bodily harm,accidents, emotional and spiritual protection. Strengthening stone. Balances mood and emotions, relieves stress and anxiety, prevent panic attacks. Brings peace and serenity. Stone of wisdom,understanding and positive thinking. Enchance immune system,heals the whole body.

    Red Coral - Stone of courage and optimism. Protection from negative. Emotional healer. Eases depression, brings balance, relaxation and inner peace.  

    Large and Heavy Rosary Length - 38.5" 

    Material : Solid bronze ,natural gemstones,Bali bead caps.

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