• Virgin Mary Sacred Heart Joseph Christopher Carmel Mint Green Agate Aventurine Silver Pewter Ornate Rosary for love,joy,good luck,success.


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    Blessed Virgin Mary, Miraculous Mary, Sacred Heart of Jesus, St Joseph, St Christopher, Our Lady of Carmel Ornate Pewter Rosary with Mint Green Agate and Aventurine for Vitality, Zest for living, Optimism, Harmony, Protection, Joy, Happiness, Self-confidence, Emotional balance, Success.

    -Green Mystic Agate faceted 8 mm Ave beads.

    -Large ornate 2" Our Father beads with 20mm green Aventurine. 

    - Blessed Virgin Mary/Mother Mary 1" pictorial Center, 4 way medal with Miraculous Mary, Sacred Heart of Jesus, St Joseph, St Christopher, Our Lady of Carmel, 1 7/8" Hearts Crucifix, and Rose -Symbol of Virgin Mary medal.

    Agate - aids in the increase of ones energy levels, general vitality and zest for living. It has a soothing energy that makes you feel calm, safe and secure. Agate is a stone of balance, harmony and protection. Gives strength and victory in ones endeavor. Courage , emotional strength, self -confidence, helps in decision making, strengthens intellect, helps to overcome fears. Promotes optimism. Brings inner stability.

    Aventurine - soothes emotional wounds, brings emotional balance, well being, inner harmony, opens new possibilities. It calms nerves, eases stress, helps to move on from unhealthy relationships and heartaches. Changes outlook on life to more joyful one. Raises self confidence. Stone of money and good fortune. Helps to realize our potential.

    Larger than commercial rosaries Length -32.5" 

    Material : Natural Gemstones,pewter rosary parts and findings findings(lead free and nickel free). 

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