• Unemployment,Job Seeker Help St Cajetan Pocket Chaplet 8 Natural Gemstones Rosary


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    When you unemployed ,you need all the help you can get to get back on your path. St Cajetan Patron Saint of job seekers and 8 Natural Gemstones  with emphasis on finding and retaining the job, small rosary you can take with you anywhere you go.


    1 Decade Pocket Rosary

    - 8 Stones for success in job search and career.
     Carnelian, Peridot, Green Jade, Citrine, Bloodstone, Amethyst and Aventurine 8 mm Fully Capped Natural Gemstone Beads.

    - Tiger Eye Our Father Bead.

    - Miraculous Rosary Center, 2" Italian Crucifix, and St. Cajetan  Medal - Silver plated.

    Tiger Eye–  Attracts people that can help you in career, helps to prevent procrastination.

    Peridot – Draws opportunities and money your way.

    Carnelian – Brings action and motivation. Good luck, Success, Prosperity. Boost Self esteem.

    Jade- Brings happiness. Stone of health, wealth, abundance, money, success, and prosperity.

    Bloodstone - Helps to follow your dream, gives courage.

    Citrine- Success in business. Stone of happiness, joy and abundance. Helps to keep money once you get it,

    Aventurine - Raises self confidence ,money, good fortune. Helps to realize our potential.

    Amethyst - Stone of stability and strength. It calms and stimulates the mind, helping you become more focused, enhancing memory and improving motivation.

    St Cajetan - Saint in help of those who unemployed and job seekers.

    Length - 8.5"

    Material : Natural gemstones, silver plated rosary parts and findings(lead free and nickel free).

    Due  to structure of the natural stones and due to all our rosaries and artisan parts made by hand and not machines, its normal to expect some slight imperfections.

    We try to represent our items true to original colors as close as possible, but due to differentiation in individual monitors, colors may vary slightly.

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