• St Jude Lord of Miracles Hope Jade Chrysocolla Bronze Rosary Chaplet


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    One of the Kind St Jude Lord of Miracles Hope Artisan Gemstone Chaplet for Health, Longevity, Happiness, Good Luck, Abundance, Stress , Anxiety, Depression 


    Ruby in Zoizite Jade  Ave Beads

    -Large Chrysocolla Our Father bead. 

    - Solid bronze handcrafted from antique replicas Crucifix , St Jude , Lord of Miracles and Hope Medals

    Chrysocolla -  Stone of tranquility, Serenity, and Peace. Calms body and mind. Helps with anxiety and depression. Brings joy. Lowers blood pressure. 

    Jade–Brings happiness. Stone of health, wealth, abundance, money, success, and prosperity, joy, and good luck. 

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