• Sacred Heart Sun and Moon Ornate Filigree Bronze Blue Agate Prehnite Hairloom RosaryVitality,Joy,Success.


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                              One of the kind Bronze Sacred Heart Handcrafted Gemstone Rosary                              for Stress, Protection, Balance,courage,Optimism,Success,Joy,Vitality.

    - Multicolor blue green agate 8 mm faceted Ave beads

    - 14 mm Prehnite Our Father beads

    - Solid Bronze handcasted from antique replicas Large  1 2/8" Sacred Heart of Jesus ornate center, Large 2 1/8" Sun and Moon ornate filigree Crucifix, Miraculous Mary medal and Faith charm.

    Prehnite -  Stone of spiritual communication and connection with St Raphael Brings peace, protection and harmony. Stimulates inner knowledge of oneself, encouraging analytical thinking, helps to let go of what you no longer need.

    Agate- aids in the increase of your energy levels, general vitality and zest for living. It has a soothing energy that makes you feel calm, safe and secure.  Agate is a stone of balance, harmony and protection. Gives strength and victory in ones endeavor. Courage ,emotional strength, self -confidence, helps in decision making, strengthens intellect, helps to overcome fears. Promotes optimism. Brings inner stability.

    Larger than commercial rosary Length - 30"

    Material : Natural Gemstone, Solid bronze rosary parts, pewter, bronze finish  findings(lead free and nickel free).

    Due to structure of the natural stones and due to all our rosaries and artisan parts made by hand and not machines, its normal to expect some slight imperfections.

    Stones have supplemental healing properties only, and not intended to be a substitution for medical treatment or doctor visits.

    We try to represent our items true to original colors as close as possible, but due to differentiation in individual monitors, colors may vary slightly.

    WE CAN CREATE A CUSTOM ROSARY FOR YOUR INDIVIDUAL CONDITION OR FOR YOUR BELOVED PET . Don't hesitate to contact us with your request, you can choose from different price levels and materials

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