• Religious Faith Sterling Silver Love,Joy,Tranquility,Hope,Imagination,Balance Necklace.


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    Woman Empowerment Collection.

    One of the kind Sterling Silver and Solid Bronze Artisan Natural Gemstones Love, Joy, Tranquility, Hope, Imagination, Balance Faith Necklace.

    - Apatite ,Morganite, Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Amethyst, Blue Agate Gemstones.

    - Sterling Silver Die cut Faith Pendant, Toggle clasp, Bali bead caps and spacers.
    - Artisan Solid bronze Heart Pendant, and swirl beads.

    Morganite - attracts abundance of love into one's life , relives stress and anxiety,, brings calm,  inner peace and joy, heals  old wounds and traumas, spiritual growth, self-confidence, encourages self expression, stabilizes emotions, assist in attracting right partner.

    Apatite- imagination, inner wisdom, meditation, creativity, harmony, inner peace, self- expression, balances emotions, increases motivation.

    Rose Quartz -Absorbs negative energies. Stone of unconditional love.

    Blue Agate- Stone of Miracles, Has calming and nurturing properties. Brings hope. Very protective stone.

    Amethyst- Very strong healing and protective stone. brings calm, peace, happiness and balance, increase intuition,

    Fluorite- absorbs negative energy, relieves stress, boost self-confidence, encourage positive thinking, brings peace, improves mental clarity, wisdom  and decision making.

    -14" long.

    Material : Sterling Silver ,Solid Bronze, Natural gemstones.

    Due to structure of the natural stones and due to all our rosaries and artisan parts made by hand and not machines, its normal to expect some slight imperfections.

    Stones have supplemental healing properties only, and not intended to be a substitution for medical treatment or doctor visits.

    We try to represent our items true to original colors as close as possible, but due to differentiation in individual monitors, colors may vary slightly.

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