• Child Infant Loss Miscarriage St Catherine of Sienna Emotional Healing Rosary

    Please let us know initial of your precious angel's name, so we can add it to your rosary.

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    Child Infant Loss Miscarriage St Catherine of Sienna Emotional Healing Rosary

    Made to Order.Please allow 3-4 days to make it for you. See rush order listing,if you need it faster.

    We understand that the loss of a child can bring an immense pain, we hope that Gods prayers and our rosaries with soothing gemstones can bring you some peace and heal your wounds.

    Please let us know if you would like us to add initial of your precious angel's name to your rosary.

    - Carnelian, Peach Moonstone, Aquamarine, Chevron Amethyst, Rhodonite, Mookaite, Rose Quartz 8 mm Ave beads.

    -Indian Agate  Our Father bead.

    -Double sided Madonna with Child/ Sacred Heart of Jesus center, Ornate 2 " Italian Crucifix, St Catherine of Sienna medal, Angel wing w rose, Apache Tear dangle and First Letter of your choice.
    Aquamarine - Powerful cleansing stone for ones emotions, it helps to let go of the past and move on. Helps to release attachment to the body of a loved one while retaining a positive emotional connection to its spiritual being.

    Mokaite - Healing stone that brings strength and connects to the loved one who passed away.
    Rhodonite  - helps to  stabilize emotions and feelings, brings balance, energy and strength back into ones life.

    Apache Tear- Very powerful stone. Helps during the grieving and in times of sorrow. Helps protect from trauma and stressful tall on the physical body and mind due to the loss of the loved one and the shock. Historically used in grieving process.Allows to cleanse and release feeling of hurt and grief.

    Moonstone - Brings back to normal emotional state, brings feeling of calm and helps to stabilize feeling of being overwhelmed by grief. Brings joy back into ones life when it needed the most. Eases emotional trauma. Brings inner peace and harmony,emotional balance and strength.

    Rose Quartz – Very powerful healer. Stone of compassion ,unconditional love and forgiveness. Helps with shock and heavy  heart. Helps to heal during grieving time and helps to accept changes .Relieves stress and eases anxiety. Removes negative energy and feelings.

    Amethyst – Powerful healer. Very protective ,especially in hard times. In combination with Rose Quartz and Apache Tear its very effective in healing process in the times of loss. Very calming and soothing stone, helps to release negative emotions.

    Carnelian – Helps to relief depression, worry, and self blame, for what hasn't been done and could've been.

    This rosary will  be custom made for you withing 3 working days.

    Length 24"

    Material: natural gemstones, Silver plated, silver Ox rosary parts and findings (lead free and nickel free).

    Due to structure of natural stones and due to all our rosaries and artisan parts made by hand and not machines, its normal to expect some slight imperfections.

    Stones have supplemental healing properties only, and not intended to be a substitution for medical treatment or doctor visits.
    We try to represent our items true to original colors as close as possible, but due to differentiation in individual monitors, colors may vary slightly.

    WE CAN CREATE A CUSTOM ROSARY FOR YOUR INDIVIDUAL CONDITION OR FOR YOUR BELOVED PET . Don't hesitate to contact us with your request, you can choose from different price levels and materials

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