• Ecce Homo Face of Jesus Sacred Heart Miraculous XLarge Bronze Red Creek Jasper Mens Wall Display Rosary Protection Success Stress


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    SOLD. Past Gallery. Design reference only. Can not be repeated, but we can design something similar for you.

    One of The Kind Ecce Homo Face of Jesus, Sacred Bleeding Heart of Jesus, Miraculous Mary Bronze XLARGE Wall Display Rosary with Red Creek and Red Brecciated Jasper and for Protection, Life balance, Self confidence, Stress.

    This is a Large Wall/Display Rosary. 

    - Large 20 mm Red Creek Jasper Ave beads. 

    - 1.5" Our Father beads with 20mm Red Brecciated Jasper.

    - Solid Bronze created and hand casted by Arizonan Artists exclusively for our store,initialed XLarge chunky 3D Ecce Homo Face of Jesus 2" Center, and rustic 3 1/4" Crucifix. Solid bronze Handcasted from antique replicas Sacred Bleeding Heart of Jesus 1 1/4" medal, and Miraculous Mary medals.

    Jasper - Very nurturing stone. Supports during stress times. Brings serenity and tranquility to ones life. It will help you maintain balance in your life. Strong protective stone, absorbs negative energy.

    X Large, Wall Length - 44"

    Material: natural gemstones, solid bronze rosary parts, bronze finish pewter findings.

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