• St. Gerard St Anne Pregnancy/Healthy Childrthbirth,Love,Happiness,Health Pink Girl Rosary


    St. Gerard St Anne Pregnancy/Healthy Childbirth, Love, Happiness, Health Pink Jade Girl Handcrafted Rosary

    Customizable with your baby first name initial letter charm (complimentary).

    If you like the rosary, but  prefer different saints medals please let us know.

    Made to Order. Takes 3-4 days to create.

    -Pink Faceted Jade Gemstone 8 mm rondelle  beads fully capped.

    - Mary with child pictorial rosary center and Italian Crucifix

    - Italian St Anne and  St Gerard medals.

    Jade Gemstone
    - Encourage long life, powerful healing stone, guards against illnesses, stone of good lack and happiness. Helps promote love and peace within. Calms the mind, encourage relaxation. Relieves stress.

    St.Gerard- Patron Saint of fertility, healthy pregnancy and protector of unborn children.

    St Anne -Patron saint of pregnant women and unborn children.

    Rosary Length - 22"

    Material : Natural Gemstone, silver ox rosary parts and  findings(lead free and nickel free).

    Due to structure of the natural stones and due to all our rosaries and artisan parts made by hand and not machines, its normal to expect some slight imperfections.

    Stones have supplemental healing properties only, and not intended to be a substitution for medical treatment or doctor visits.

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