• Virgin Mary Sacred heart Antique Style Natural Emerald Ornate Solid Bronze 1 Decade Rosary Bracelet Chaplet Love,Joy,Faith,May birthstone


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    Blessed Virgin Mary, Sacred heart of Jesus Antique Style Natural Emerald Ornate Solid Bronze 1 decade Rosary Bracelet for Love,Joy,Faith,Happiness,Protection,Prosperity, Abundance,Loyalty,Passion,Balance, May birthstone.

    Sacred Heart of Jesus medal can be changed, see picture. 1. Mother Mary with Jesus, 2.Rose Miraculous Mary, 3.Sacred Heart of Jesus, 4.Holy Face of Jesus, 5&6.Sacred Heart of Jesus,7.Holy Spirit/Holy Trinity, 8.Lourdes, 9&10 St.Anne, 11&12 St Anthony, 13.St Joseph, 14.Archangel Raphael, 15.St Jude, 16. Archangel Michael, 17. St Gerard, 18.St Benedict, 19.St Dymphna. Please let as know your choice. Medals are subject of availability.

    - Natural Emerald 6x8 mm Ave beads

    -Solid Bronze Cross Our Father bead.

    -Peridot accents.

    -Solid bronze handcrafted from antique replicas Virgin Mary Center, Crucifix,Faith charm, Medal and toggle.

    Emerald -Stone of love, joy, loyalty, faith, passion,emotional and physical healing,money,abundance,fertility,harmony and balance. Protects from negativity,brings wisdom,enhances memory, helps to overcome problems.May birthstone.

    Peridot- Stone of Happiness, Protection, Abundance and Prosperity. Slows aging process, energizing the whole body, lessens stress and mild depression, brings harmony and balance to ones life and relationships.

    Length- comfortably fits wrist size 7 ", Length can be changed per your request.

    Material : Solid Bronze rosary parts, Natural gemstones.

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